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Jun 30
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Annual Diaper Drive

  •   Jun 1 @ 12:00am MDT (Start)
  •   Jun 30 @ 7:00pm MDT (End)
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Jul 12
Buildings to be Removed - School District Auction

Meade School District Buildings - July 12th

  •   Jul 1 @ 12:00am MDT (Start)
  •   Jul 12 @ 10:00am MDT (End)
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Single-wide trailer to be removed from Elm Springs, and site-built structure to be removed from Union Center by August 5th 2022

Dec 31

Sturgis Classifieds

  •   Mar 25 @ 3:28pm MDT (Start)
  •   Dec 31 @ 11:59pm MST (End)
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Sturgis Classifieds

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